China´s Yuan has been falling sharply against the US Dollar in the past week, and much debate emerged on what might be the politics behind this. It only means China´s central bank PBOC is doing its job as a circuit breaker by letter hot money out of the economy, writes financial analyst Michael Justin Lee in the ChinaUSFocus.Read More →

Most Western media did not pay attention when China´s central bank entered the interbank market at the last week of 2013. Wrong, says financial analyst Michael Justin Lee in ChinaUSFocus. ” It means China continues to ease on down the road to capitalism. It’s a rocky road but the only road we’d want China to be on”.Read More →

North-Korea is raising its stakes at the Korean peninsula, putting pressure on its supposed ally China. But China’s dilemma in dealing with its unruly neighbor might offer also opportunities, writes China expert Michael Lee Justin in ChinaUSFocus. It might be a unique chance for China and the US do draw closer.Read More →

Media have been pushing the idea the China’s president Xi Jinping filled the vacuum US president Barack Obama left by not attending the 2013 APEC Summit. Lecturer Michael Justin Lee is not convinced the summit adds that much value. He offers to draft a statement for the summit in the Washington Times.Read More →

Can Detroit learn from the way China pulled its economy out of misery, wonders lecturer Michael Justin Lee in ChinaUSFocus. “There actually was no great secret to the success of China’s SEZs. The government butts out to incent private capital in. That’s pretty much it.”Read More →

Very few contract steps have emerged from the Barack Obama-Xi Jinping meeting in California, but the economy was very absent from their empty agenda, notes finance lecturer Michael Justin Lee in the ChinaUSFocus. He hoped Xi would have used the opportunity to discuss his “Chinese dream”, and pleads for more income disparity. Read More →

US youngsters are lagging more in financial literacy than those in China, Michael Justin Lee, Lecturer at the Center for East Asian Studies at the University of Maryland discovered when he dived into a comparative study by VISA International. “A crappy return on investment,” he writes in ChinaUSFocus.Read More →

The American Society for Journalists and Authors (ASJA) has awarded Michael Justin Lee’s first book The Chinese Way to Wealth and Prosperity: 8 Timeless Strategies for Achieving Financial Success, ASJA announced at their website. Read More →