After decades of failed reforms, China´s soccer sees now the largest push for change ever, triggered by soccer fan Xi Jinping. Soccer expert Rowan has some hope it might work, he tells Associated Press.Read More →

Rowan Simons by Fantake via Flickr The NBA has become a tremendous success in China, both in popularity and as a money machines. Unlike soccer, tells Rowan Simons CNN, a leading expert on soccer in China, who points at corruption scandals as the main reason. In CNN: Earlier this yearRead More →

Image via Wikipedia China’s soccer expert Rowan Simons explains in the New York Times why China is not present at the current World Cup in South Africa: Let’s talk politics. The Chinese Football Association is an illegal organization under Article 17 of FIFA’s constitution which demands independence from government. YetRead More →

Chairman OMI Group CMM Intelligence China; ClubFootball FC Travels from Beijing Who says soccer in Beijing means Rowan Simons, the Briton who has taught the Chinese how to love football, against all odds. In his compelling book “Bamboo Goalposts” he describes lively the Long March of soccer in China, andRead More →