Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, has gone to great lenght to appease China´s leadership in an effort to enter the largest internet market again. But, says Sam Flemming, an internet veteran based in Shanghai to Reuters. Local competition might even be a tougher challenge, unlike in the US where Facebook broke new ground.Read More →

A common mistake outside observers make is taking their own social media experience, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, as the reference point for what is happening in China. Wrong, tells CIC-president Sam Flemming in China Innovation. China has a unique social media landscape.Read More →

CIC, the leading company in following the word-of-mouth at the internet in China, has been bought by Kantar Media, a WPP group, CIC owner Sam Flemming announces at his website.Read More →

The end of 2011 is nearing, a good time to see what stories from our speakers triggered off most interest in the past year. Since we have a look at the stats for a whole year, we miss a few recent stories that are making waves. For example, Tricia Wang’s story about her life as a street vendor has appealed to many who are in a Christmas mood.Read More →