China´s financial authorities try to fight illegal fundraising, as one of the features of shadow banking. Financial analyst Sara Hsu give in The Diplomat an overview of this tradition, that has boomed with the country´s economic growth.Read More →

Financial analyst Sara Hsu tries to make sense out of the long list of policy changes the central bank, the People´s Bank of China (PBOC) has announced in the past year, under the Xi-Li government. “Right now, the opaque is becoming more transparent,” she writes in The Diplomat.Read More →

Some second and third tier cities in China report house buying has come to a standstill, while high-end property markets in first tier cities report a huge influx of buyers from China. Financial analyst Sara Hsu looks in the Diplomat at both opposing trends and how the middle class might get hit.Read More →

The bears and bulls on China have predicted the country will collapse under its debts, or maintained the government could just write them off. Financial analyst Sara Hsu remains in The Diplomat on the bearish side, and wonders who is going to clean up the mess.Read More →

China´s financial authorities have a hard job in controlling the flows of hot capital in and out the country. Often misinvoicing is a way to mask those money flows. Financial expert Sara Hsu offers in the Diplomat a way to track this long-standing tradition of misinvoicing.Read More →

Two weeks ago financial expert Sara Hsu had a thorough look at the complex and very different products that constitute the shadow banking industry in China. For Triple Crisis she summarized those products and risks in a useful framework, allowing assessing risk levels of different products.Read More →

China is trying to shift away from traditional sources of economic growth like infrastructure investment, manufacturing and property, it is not very clear what the new sources of growth are going to be. Financial expert Maria Hsu ponders in The Diplomat what direction China´s government should take.Read More →

Financial analysts look at the financial risks of shadow banking from both extremes, some signal a looming collapse of China´s financial system, others claim there is not much to fear. For TripleCrisis shadow banking expert Sara Hsu explores the different kinds of financial products and their risks.Read More →