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Although our China Speakers Bureau is still very much under construction, a steady stream of potential speakers is entering already reporting for duty in our mailbox. Not surprisingly a larger amount of Olympic champions, turned speaker, we find in our mailboxes as the Beijing Olympics near.
Reason enough to explain a bit more about the focus of our speakers’ bureau since that will be slightly different from the traditional speakers’ bureaus. Typically a speakers bureau would focus on a region. Not surprisingly: celebrities are often celebrities in their own country. When you are famous in the US, when you name is Bill Clinton or Colin Powell, you might have a chance in other countries, but otherwise a celebrity status is very much a local status.
Also traditional media, instrumental to create celebrities, used to have a regional focus: they did not reach outside their own regions.
The China Speakers Bureau is going to do this slightly different, although we have ‘China’ in our name, we do not focus on China as a region. China is our topic and we organize speakers worldwide who have a strong focus on China. We will extensively focus on the internet as a tool to promote our business.
Also, we do not limit ourselves not to China, but send our speakers wherever there is an audience.
Unfortunately, that makes our service less equipped for Olympic champions, unless they come from China and speak good English.

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