For our clients:

What is the China Speakers Bureau covering?

Different from most speakers’ agencies we see China as the topic we cover, not as the place where we work. While our clients regularly look for speakers in China, most of our clients come from outside China. Our speakers have China as their area of expertise, and a big part of the speeches we facilitate take place outside China. The CSB has support offices in Europe and the US.

How many speakers does the China Speakers Bureau represent?

We currently have over 300 speakers in our system, covering most China-related issues. If our current speakers do not cover your request we will do our best to find matching speakers. We do have access through our international contacts to most celebrity speakers worldwide, although China-related speakers is our core competency.

How much does your service cost?

Our service is for free for our clients. We cover our expenses through a percentage of the speakers’ fee and we do not charge additional fees to clients for our service.

How much does a speaker cost?

Our speakers set their own fees, and they vary based on their name recognition and experience. Speaker fees are not negotiable, but we can advise you on choosing speakers who can work within your budget. On top of the speakers’ fee the clients are responsible for business class travel costs and five-star accommodation, when applicable.

How long in advance should we book at speaker?

While we can work fast in emergencies, sometimes within weeks, we do advise a lead time of three to six months for most of our speakers. Our most wanted speakers might have bookings up to one year in advance.

What is the advantage of working through you?

We can help you to find the best possible speaker choice for your event, within your budget, based on our long-term experience with speakers. If booked speakers are not available, in the unlikely case of an emergency, we can help in finding alternative speakers. We manage speakers’ fees until the event has taken place up to your satisfaction.

For our speakers:

Will the China Speakers Bureau find speaking opportunities for me?

The China Speakers Bureau is a match making service — we help find the best fit between event organizers and speakers. Some speakers cover topics that are more in demand than others. We are demand-driven and cannot give guarantees for assignments.

Does the China Speakers Bureau require exclusivity?

No. Speakers can also find their own placements, or use other speaking agents. Speakers we do represent exclusively do get a preferential treatment. At this stage, we mainly look for speakers who cover areas our current speakers do not cover.

How does the China Speakers Bureau promote its speakers?

We use social media, our website and blog, publish books, and engage in direct outreach to event organizers. We also organize the China Weekly Hangout, a weekly China debate including some of our speakers.

What if I’m really in a hurry?

When you sent us an email, we are mostly able to give you a first reply within 24 hours. If you really need to talk to us at short notice, call  +32 3664 2921 or mobile +32 484 758562.


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