Business analyst Shanghai Rein hits out at the NEV taxes the US has implemented and the EU is planning to start too. China has dealt with domestic pollution as asked by the rest of the world and developed its electric car industry, and now gets hit, he argues. While tensions between China and the EU are growing, they will not be as back at the US-China trade war, he expects, as China still needs investments from Europe.Read More →

The world was in awe when Nvidia emerged as a giant in the stock markets, but the AI industry is still waiting for a real shake-out as it is still lacking a real killer app, says Winston Ma, adjunct professor at the NYU School of Law, in a comment at Forbes.Read More →

China veteran Ian Johnson, author of China’s Underground Historians and their Battle for the Future (September 2023), announces he will leave as senior fellow at the Council of Foreign Relations and move from New York to Berlin. He will work as a fellow at the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin and work from Berlin starting on July 1, 2024, writing a new book on the misuses of religion in Xi’s China in the summer of 2024.Read More →

What happened to former foreign minister Qin Gang one year ago is still unclear. After a stellar career, the sudden disappearance of Qin triggered a slew of rumors, including an extramarital affair with a British spy, an affair with Xi Jinping’s daughter, and more speculations. Political analyst Victor Shih tells Politico that China’s leadership is still unsure of how to handle this case.Read More →

AI-expert Alvin Wang Graylin, c0-author of  Our Next Reality: Preparing for the AI-powered Metaverse, gives the commencement address at the 2024 UW ECE Graduation Ceremony, telling the new generation how the next industrial revolution will work out in their lives and careers. What challenges will the graduates face in the next ten years?Read More →

Alvin Wang Graylin discusses his book Our Next Reality: Preparing for the AI-powered Metaverse, in Moonshots, together with Peter Diamandis, and discuss how AI and AR will affect all aspects of society in the coming future.Read More →

In numbers, the Chinese tourists might be reaching this year pre-pandemic levels, but their destinations will be more domestic and cheaper, says marketing expert Ashley Dudarenok at CNBC. She expects recovery in Chinese traveling internationally to take longer, partly as “the feeling that the rest of the world is mad and unsafe is even higher than in 2023.”Read More →

Foreign media too often focus on China’s crackdown on religion, but former foreign correspondent Ian Johnson, author of Sparks: China’s Underground Historians and their Battle for the Future, sees an opposite trend as China’s government started to support traditional faiths, in an effort to gain new legitimacy, he writes in the Council on Foreign Relations. Read More →

Business analyst Shaun Rein discusses the current state of China’s economy, how consumer confidence is slowly recovering, and why the fear of geopolitical tensions stops them from spending more in the economy. Why investors should be careful in investing right now into the second economy.Read More →