Europe Office:
T: +32 3664 2921, +32 485 546 768
A: Fons Tuinstra
Bevrijdingslei 1
2930, Brasschaat, Belgium

US Office:
T: +1 413 325 7339
A: Maria Korolov 
89 Michael Sears Rd.
Belchertown, MA 01007

We represent hundreds of speakers. If you would like us to help you select the right speaker, please email us as much as you can tell us about your event. We will follow up as soon as possible after receiving your information.

If you have other questions, you can contact us directly at one of the numbers above.

New speakers

The China Speakers Bureau is accepting new professional speakers for its service but has a rather restrictive admission policy. Our focus is China and China-related issues. For all our speakers a clear China-angle is paramount.

The China Speakers Bureau works with professional speakers, so we expect new speakers to have a clear track record of recent speeches, keynotes or other professional speaking engagements. Our business model is based on a percentage of the speakers’ fees.

If you can match those basic requirements and feel you could add value to our operation, do get in touch for a more in-depth exchange at



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