China veteran Kaiser Kuo discusses the future of relations between China and the US, as disaster is luring, while cooperation is needed more than ever considering the problems of the coronavirus and climate change. On racism in the US, at the Oxford Political Review.

US legislators are preparing a law to allow US PCAOB inspectors to check US-listed Chinese firms. But – warns auditing expert Beida professor Paul Gillis – the so-called Kennedy law might have unintended consequences for all multinational companies, he writes on this Chinaaccountblog.

China was in chaos when the coronavirus emerged in public at the beginning of 2020, but instead of a drama, president Xi Jinping was able to turn the events into a global win for the country, says London-based journalist Zhang Lijia, author of Lotus, a novel on prostitution in China, to Barbara Demick of the New York Review of Books.

Renowned economist Arthur Kroeber, author of the bestseller China’s Economy: What Everyone Needs to Know®, dives into the information explosion after the Covid-19 virus did hit China. Much information is available, but most is of low quality, he argues, and here he does a reality check of what we can say at this stage in April, including Europe and the US.

The plan to ban immigration by US President Donald Trump will be mostly hurt US tech companies who cannot recruit talents anymore, says business analyst Shaun Rein to the BBC. “Now, with the immigration ban, more top Chinese, Indian and other foreign talent will seek jobs in tech hubs globally like Shenzhen, Seoul and Bangalore rather than Silicon Valley,” Shaun Rein adds.

China has been sending corona aid to many European countries, but got under fire because of the quality of the medical gear. Political analyst Shirley Ze Yu says China could have dealt with its critics in a better way, she says at Al Jazeera.

LSE-scholar Shirley Ze Yu discusses China president Xi Jinping’s Eurasian ambitions at the Belt&Road 2.0 Initiative for the Royal Society of Asian Affairs in London, including Huawei, 5G and the digital expansion of the country. She is currently writing a book on hardware giant Huawei.

US president Trump might be doing his best to upset China in every possible way, but US-China relations are no longer top priority for either country, says political analyst Victor Shih at NBC News. “Fundamentally the big problem on both sides is that you now have leadership which no longer considers having good bilateral relationships as a highest priority,”