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Coca-Cola is spending an estimated US$ 450 million for marketing during the Beijing Olympics, up to US$90 million in sponsorship fees and about four times that figure on additional commercials, events and tickets for Olympic activities. What is the return on investment of this sum, some experts ask themselves, like here in the Sydney Morning Herald.
Shaun Rein, managing director of the China Market Research Group, is asking some tough questions:

A survey this year by the Shanghai consulting firm China Market Research Group found that more urban Chinese thought Pepsi – not Coke – was an official Olympic sponsor, even though Pepsi is not sponsoring the event.

“The whole point of spending so much money for the Beijing Olympics was to really target Chinese consumers,” said the firm’s managing director, Shaun Rein. “The marketing people at Coke are going to have to take a really long look at the results.”

Shaun Rein belongs to the China Speakers Bureau and is available as a speaker for your event. Do drop us a line if you are interested in inviting Shaun Rein.

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