Image representing Skype as depicted in CrunchBase At the China Speakers Bureau we are planning to start a new feature that will allow our speakers to comment directly on the news. At our speakers’ corner and our weblog we give already an overview of what our speakers are doing in both online and offline media. With an average of once a day we can report about one of our speaker commenting in one of the existing media.
But we think we can do more. China is a fast changing society and we should be more on top of those developments by using more of the available new media tools.
What makes really clear what speakers can mean, is if you see them in action. We have already great clips with for example Kaiser Kuo, Zhang Lijia, Jeremy Goldkorn, performing at YouTube. Those clips really make a difference in the way we can present our speakers.
From next week (pending possible technical hiccups) we are going to present ten, fifteen-minute clips using Skype and a recording device to let our speakers comment on current affairs. While there are great websites giving information on doing business in China, all seem to shy away from the dynamic changes that make China such a great place to be.
Expect here more announcements later. First, we will focus on the technicallities, then get a few guinea pigs among our speakers and expand from there. If you are interested to participate, do let me know.

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