Zhang Lijia
Zhang Lijia

When you make use of a speakers’ bureau like ours, it makes sense to get the best out of it. How can you do that? By making use of our expertise.
A few times too often we are being approached by companies and organizations who ask for a specific speaker on our website. That is fine enough, if that is the perfect match, makes life for us very easy, so you do not hear us complain. But the selection process can be better.
Sometimes one specific speaker is the best match, but all to often we can offer a range of choices for your specific needs. Not all of our speakers are online and regularly we respectfully suggest another speaker, because we think it is a better match.
When you focus too early on one speaker, you might get ready for a range of problems. The speakers you want is not available for your event. The speaker thinks it is not a good match, or the speaker is not within your budget. By tapping very early into our expertise, we can help you to make a better choice.
It happens almost never, but sometime a speaker is really unavailable for a key-note. We can very fast suggest also very late in the process alternative speakers, so you event is not jeopardized. Use us as good as possible!

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