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Are you feeling the impact of the financial crisis? Leading innovator Rowan Gibson, global business strategist and bestselling author provides compelling and practical answers in his new series of keynote speeches and 2-day strategy meetings. Focusing specifically on today’s burning economic issues, Rowan shows you how to radically rethink your product and service offer,
your cost structures, internal processes, supply chains, distribution channels, and business models for these challenging times. With his cutting-edge “Innovation War Room”, he
explains how you can discover innovative ways to save money and create new value – both for your customers and your own organization.
Based on his groundbreaking new book, “Innovation to the Core” (Harvard Business School Press), Rowan has designed a practical set of innovation strategy tools to help your company deal decisively and creatively with the challenges that currently face you. (The books is expected to be released in China early 2009).
More on the Innovation War Room you can find here.

If you are interested in having Rowan Gibson as a speaker at your event, get in touch with the China Speakers Bureau.

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