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The plan is already a bit older, but thanks to more diligent colleagues in the Nordic countries, it is back on track. The China Speakers Bureau is organized in a slightly different way, compared to most speakers’ agency. The typical agency would focus for both potential clients and speakers on a certain region. A Dutch speakers’ bureau would not really cater for Belgium, let alone for markets further away.
A few of the larger agencies would – with different levels of success – try to cater for speakers outside their own region, but – to be honest – the need for famous Australians, Dutch or Icelandic speakers would be fairly limited outside their own region.
For China, that would be different, we felt. The interest for decent – and sometimes specialized – information from China would grow, as the traditional media have been dumping their traditional foreign correspondents to cut costs. Now, the need for information about China increases, so we saw here also an emerging market outside China, especially because speakers’ bureau outside China could only cater very limited to the need for speakers on China.
Obvious, setting up offices ourselves would be nonsense, so what we plan to do – and that is starting now – is teaming up with existing agencies outside China. The first steps are on its way, and if you are having a speakers’ agency, seeing a (niche) market in speakers on China. Do let us know.

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