79922819_stXsrMHY_DSC_1631William Bao Bean
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The year 2009 has started with a rather large number of people asking to become a speaker at the China Speakers Bureau. Of course, we are not going to discourage experienced speakers to sign up with our service, but this week the flood has become so huge that writing emails back has been put off until we have a bit more time.
What we are looking for is not only good speakers, that would be only a minimum requirement for signing up with a speakers’ agency. As a speakers bureau we make money from a percentage of the speakers’ fee, so helping speakers who speak for free is a public service we do not want to be involved in.
For new speakers we have already last year introduced an annual registration fee of 90 euros for new speakers, a rather minor threshold to introduce an annual moment of reflection to see if our relation is mutual beneficial. If you think you will meet our requirements, do not hesitate to sign on here. Are you looking for a speaker? Please go to our request form or drop us an email.

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