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It is that time of the month again and at the global offices of the China Speakers Bureau we have been compiling the top-10 of most sought speakers. Most surprising and highest newcomer is professor Andrew Leung from London, who joined us last month and can now be found at the eight place.
Otherwise, we see remarkable few shifts in the top-10 compared to the listing in January (between brackets). Two additional speakers moved into the top-10, Rupert Hoogewerf and Tom Doctoroff, but in our listings they have never been very far away from the top-10.
Is there a certain stability coming into our rankings? In the coming months we have planned some major marketing efforts, and of course we hope that those efforts will make a difference.

The top-10 most sought speakers in February (January in brackets)
1. Shaun Rein (1)
2. Zhang Lijia (2)
3. Jeremy Goldkorn (7)
4. William Bao Bean (4)
5. Victor Shih (3)
6. Tom Doctoroff (-)
7. Arthur Kroeber (8)
8. Andrew Leung (-)
9. Jasper Becker (9)
10. Rupert Hoogewerf (-)

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