Is China going to bail out a world in crisis? This question is asked in many variations and the tourism industry is one of them. Are the Chinese tourists going to replace the tourists from other parts of the world, or will they stay at home to support their own economy? What are the possibilities of the tourism industry in China? Are the hotels remaining empty or is this the time for foreign companies to enter the China market?

On April 2, 2009 the China Speakers Bureau will host a second Global China chat, this time with China tourism guru Roy Graff of China Contact. This time we will have two sessions, to facilitate different time zones, one for Asia/Europe, the other for the Americas and Europe. The chat will be hosted by Maria Korolov.

Important update: please note that the time in the interface is standard given in CET or Central European Time and does NOT adjust automatically to your time zone. If you are joining from a different time zone, you have to follow the lists below for the timing. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The timing is as follows.

Global China Chat I for Asia/Europe
April 2
9 AM London
11 AM Brussels
5 PM Singapore (corrected)
5 PM Beijing Time
6 PM Tokyo

Global China Chat II for the Americas/Europe

April 2
London 3 PM
Brussels 5 PM
New York 11 AM
San Francisco 8 AM

Do you have questions to ask? Let us know in advance.

Are you interested in co-hosting this Global China Chat? Nothing is easier. Do get in touch to get the codes for announcements and the chat itself by sending us an email.
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