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Shaun Rein takes on James Fallow of The Atlantic, who thinks 44 percent of the Americans have lost their marbles because they think China is a more important superpower than the US. Rein issues a wake-up call for James Fallows and argues in Forbes that China is already an established superpower. Even more, China’s business people see in the ongoing global crisis an excellent stepping stone to enter the world areana even more:

My firm, the China Market Research Group, interviewed 500 senior executives at 100 Chinese companies in 10 industries. Seventy percent of them told us they planned to use the downturn to speed up their international expansion, using both acquisitions and organic growth. They specifically aimed to tap into the U.S. and Western Europe with their cash wealth.

The second trend that shows that China is an established superpower, not just a rising one, is its emergence as a hotbed of innovation. Many analysts believe that Chinese are good at copying but not at innovating. That’s just not true anymore….

The third trend: Not only is China becoming ever more powerful economically; it is also starting to exert its political power more responsibly. Although it has been a bit combative on climate and carbon emissions at the Copenhagen conference, it has taken a leading role among the G-20 group of nations in helping push for effective responses to the world financial crisis.

Who do you think is right? Is China already an established superpower, as Shaun Rein says? You can ask him yourself, by inviting him for your meeting or conference. He belongs to the China Speakers Bureau and do get in touch with us, if you need him.

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