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Just in time to convey you with the best wishes for the year of the tiger, at the global offices of the China Speakers Bureau we have done our home work again and figured out who were the most popular speakers of this month. Last month we skipped our monthly happening, since because of the holidays, the results were really lackluster. But activity is back again with some amazing scores and newcomers.
Both Kaiser Kuo and Shaun Rein have been swapping the top-2 position for a while with almost a similar score. But, while Kaiser Kuo keep a firm popularity, Shaun Rein has broken this month every record. There were weeks when he was quoted by mainstream media on a daily basis.
Fastest rising star in newcomer William Bao Bean, and also Victor Shih has reappeared. Shih has appeared as a leading doomsday sayer, predicting that China is heading for heavy financial weather. Not surprisingly, he is at odds with some of our other speakers, but for a good overview you can check our Speakers Corner.
Let switch to the top-10 list for January 2010.

Top-10 speakers for February 2010 (December 2009 in brackets)

  1. Shaun Rein (2)
  2. Kaiser Kuo (1)
  3. Jeremy Goldkorn (6)
  4. Tom Doctoroff (4)
  5. William Bao Bean (-)
  6. Arthur Kroeber (4)
  7. William Overholt (3)
  8. Paul French (8)
  9. Victor Shih (-)
  10. Rupert Hoogewerf (9)
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