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The world is in too many cases waking up too late from a prolonged winter. China has jumped into action, after the annual meetings of the NPC and CPPCC meetings in Beijing, and also at the global offices of the China Speakers Bureau hibernation has ended.
Those annual meetings in Beijing brought our speaker Victor Shih instant celebrity, as he was able to substantiate the stories on China’s rising debts because of its financial rescue operation.
Victor Shih was our most quoted speaker of the past month and that brought him to the top position on our most-sought speakers list for March, joining Shaun Rein and Kaiser Kuo who have been alternating on the two top positions for the past months.
Kaiser Kuo has been very active, for example with his speech at SXSW in Austin, Texas, but also Shaun Rein had weeks when he popped up daily at Business Week, Forbes, Bloomberg or elsewhere, castigating Nobel prize winner Paul Krugman and others.
Getting attention from the mainstream media is difficult but still possible, as Victor Shih shows. But getting coverage seems to be harder as the resources for foreign correspondence are dropping. We will continue our monthly listing of most-wanted speakers, but will increasingly look for tools to put some of our excellent speakers, who do not make it into the top-10, more in the limelight.
Our book A Changing China is one of those tools, but we will develop more in the months to come.
But now, without further delay, our top-10 of most-sought speakers in March 2010 (and February in brackets)

  1. Victor Shih (9)
  2. Shaun Rein (1)
  3. Kaiser Kuo (2)
  4. Arthur Kroeber (6)
  5. Paul French (8)
  6. William Bao Bean (5)
  7. Rupert Hoogewerf – Hurun (10)
  8. Tom Doctoroff (4)
  9. William Overholt (7)
  10. Jeremy Goldkorn (3)

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