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Kaiser Kuo, the most quoted person in the Google/China brawl, has solidified his position in the top-10 most-sought speakers of April. A remarkable achievement, since Shaun Rein, our number two, has been beating his drum also in a major way in the mainstream media.
We can also report that the women are back in the top-10: both Zhang Lijia and Janet Carmosky made it into the top-10. While there is not doubt we have a solid batch of excellent female speakers, they rarely make it into this list, just like many other good speakers. Also Sergio Marchi made it into our top-10, adding to the new blood – at least at the bottom of our list.
Not surprisingly, most of those speakers also feature in our book A Changing China. While we would not suggest a one-on-one relations between their ranking and our book – we still have to enter the bestseller lists – the more speakers get into the public sphere, the more they are being sought as speakers.
Now, the listing for April 2010 (and between brackets March 2010)

1. Kaiser Kuo (3)
2. Shaun Rein (2)
3. Victor Shih (1)
4. William Bao Bean (6)
5. Arthur Kroeber (4)
6. Tom Doctoroff (8)
7. Rupert Hoogewerf or Hurun (7)
8. Janet Carmosky (-)
9. Zhang Lijia (-)
10. Sergio Marchi (-)

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