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Our monthly overview of the most-sought speakers shows two remarkable trends. First, our number one Kaiser Kuo has left behind the pack. He is not firmly leading on the fist position, leaving behind the rest of the top-10. Second, we see a relative high number of new comers in the top-10, with the eminent journalist Jasper Becker as the fastest-rising star op no.2.
Other newcomers include eminent speakers like William Overholt, Paul French and Rupert Hoogewerf. And although they might sound familiar for those who follow these rankings, they have certainly gather space in the past month.

For the whole ranking in May (April in brackets)
1, Kaiser Kuo (1)
2. Jasper Becker (-)
3. Shaun Rein (2)
4. Arthur Kroeber (5)
5. William Overholt (-)
6. Paul French (-)
7. Tom Doctoroff (6)
8. Janet Carmosky (8)
9. Rupert Hoogewerf (-)
10. Zhang Lijia (9)

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