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A shake-up in our top-10 of most-sought speakers for June, at least at the top. Not only was Jasper Becker able to maintain his surprising top position, he earlier got in May. Wendell Minnick, the Asia Bureau Chief of Defence News, who recently joined the China Speakers Bureau, go into top position, an achievement we have not seen from a new speaker since we started our top-10.
While not all of the rankings can be explained from the media exposure our speakers got, it is certainly a reason behind the interest for speakers. Rupert Hoogewerf has been extremely active as he published new lists on the luxury consumer index and the position of Chinese women.
Getting books published, like Paul French did again in the past month, does help, although it might be tough to follow his speed of book publishing.
Both Kaiser Kuo and Shaun Rein have been travelling a bit over the past few weeks, possibly explaining why both speakers are no longer in the top-3, where they have been most of the time. Of course, they still maintained their position in the top-10.
Otherwise the changes are rather minor, so we can turn to the June 2010 top-10 ranking of most-sought speakers: (May 2010 in brackets.)

  1. Wendell Minnick (-) 
  2. Jasper Becker (1)
  3. Rupert Hoogewerf (9)
  4. Shaun Rein (3)
  5. Arthur Kroeber (4)
  6. Kaiser Kuo (1)
  7. Paul French (6)
  8. William Overholt (5)
  9. William Bao Bean (-)
  10. Zhang Lijia (10)

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