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We expect China will be firmly on the political agenda in the US again as the upcoming election for the new president of the US get under steam. At the China Speakers Bureau we are going to focus on that debate and we have created a special category: #elections2012 to collect all stories and contributions of our speakers.

Since the dramatic events of 9/11 China and the US suddenly found themselves on the same side of the battle field. With their common enemy Osama bin Laden out of office, relations are bound to be changing again. Relations with the Obama administration have been continuously good, better than they have ever been with any administration. But as Kaiser Kuo explains in many of its speeches, there is more to US-China relations than relations between government.

We have brought our first collection of articles together here, but we know there are books and more contributions in the pipeline of our speakers, to contribute their bit to this discussion. Our video’s in the right-top corner will often focus on the China-US relations, as will other parts of our website.

Do get in touch when you have special requests for our speakers.

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