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The US and Europe might be bracing for another global crisis, but the wealth of China rich increases undeterred, noted Hurun’ founder Rupert Hoogewerf of China’s rich list in an interview with Xinhua on Thursday. They booked another record year of growth.

Property remained the biggest source of wealth for those on the list, but the fastest growing sources of wealth were in the commodities, healthcare, IT and retail sectors, Hoogewerf said at a press conference held to introduce the 2011 Hurun China Rich List compiled by the Hurun Research Institute.

The annual ranking of China’s richest people names 1,000 people with individual wealth of over two billion yuan (about 313 million U.S. dollars). Their average age, this year, is 51.

The list shows that, despite the continuing global financial crisis, 2011 is a record year for China’s rich, with average personal wealth totaling 924 million U.S. dollars, according to the list.

Liang Wengen, chairman of China’s heavy machinery giant Sany Group, has been named the wealthiest person in the Chinese mainland. His personal fortune totaled 70 billion yuan.

Despite the looming global financial crisis, China’s economy has continued to grow vigorously and steadily, which is apparent in the rich list, said Hoogewerf, who is also the chairman and chief researcher of the Hurun Research Institute.

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