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Taiwan is one of the world’s best weapen producers, says defense expert Wendell Minnick in the Taipei Times, commenting on stories in Chinese media the islands Kuang Hua VI (KH-6) fast attack missile boats, in use since 2010, were plagued by deficiencies and were a “fantasy.”

Wendell Minnick, the Taipei-based Asia bureau chief for Defense News, said the deficiencies mentioned in the article were old ones and that he suspected the navy had ironed most of them out by now.

“The KH-6 missile patrol boat program has experienced developmental problems. One main problem is balancing the weight of larger missiles across the frame,” Minnick told the Taipei Times yesterday. “This has caused some problems in the past, but they appear to be seaworthy at present.”

“For the most part, Taiwan does produce, at the end of the day, impressive weapon systems and in many ways the Taiwanese are some of the best weapons producers in the world,” he said.

More in the Taipei Times.

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