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The famous Hurun’ Rich List released its Global edition of 83 individuals with 10 billions US dollar or more in assets, Hurun’s founder Rupert Hoogewerf told news agency Xinhua. Five of them are Chinese.


“While the U.S. and Europe still boast the lion’s share of the Ten Billion Dollar Club, with 27 and 17 members, respectively, Russia, South America and the emerging giants of China and India are snapping at their heels,” said Rupert Hoogewerf, chairman and chief researcher of the Hurun Report.

China has five people on the list, including four from Hong Kong and one from the Chinese mainland. Li Ka-Shing, 84, shares the 13th spot on the list with four others, making him the richest Chinese individual on the list with a personal fortune of 24 billion U.S. dollars.

Chinese beverage magnate Zong Qinghou of soft drink maker Wahaha,China’s largest beverage producer, ranks 78th with a personal fortune of 10.5 billion U.S. dollars.

Zong is also the richest person in the Chinese mainland, said the report.

“It won’t be long before entrepreneurs from countries like China and India become more dominant. It is why Hurun Report, best-known for the Hurun China Rich List, has decided to put out a Global Rich List,” said Hoogewerf.

More in Xinhua.

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