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The Ferrari crash in Singapore by a rich Chinese, killing three including himself, triggers off another debate on China’s moral crisis. Author Zhang Lijia addresses at Channel Asia the issue of people getting rich too fast.

Channel Asia:

Observers said … two high-profile incidents where Chinese nationals ran into trouble with locals in Singapore and Hong Kong will only deepen anti-Chinese sentiment in the region.

Zhang Lijia, writer & social commentator, said: “China is rising so rapidly and many people in the West and our neighbours are watching China very warily. Many people just feel frightened and uneasy about China’s rapid rise. I don’t think China has been very good at addressing that issue and China’s soft power.”..

Zhang Lijia said: “China is getting rich too fast. But other things like manners, sophistication takes time. It’s a common problem amongst Chinese, lack of public concern. They’re pretty good at breaking rules if they don’t have to face the consequences.”

And the Singapore incident comes at a time when the Chinese public, frustrated with the growing income gap between the rich and the poor, are especially critical of the extravagant lifestyles led by China’s super affluent whom some feel have amassed their wealth through illegitimate means.

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