Zhang Lijia

Author Zhang Lijia gives some good advises just ahead of the Year of the Black Water Snake, on her weblog. Be careful, she warn, in business, marriage and other decisions, since it is a year full of uncertainty and danger. About the Chinese New Year.

Zhang Lijia:

It is the oldest, grandest and most colourful festival in China with a history of more than four thousand years. It is called chunjie in Chinese – spring festival. It started when people worshipped their ancestors in the end of the year with sacrifice, bathed themselves and cleaned up the house. The celebration was also to welcome the coming of the spring. It follows the Chinese lunar calendar, which means it varies from one year to another, usually from Mid Jan to the end of Feb.

It is the big occasion for the family to get together. Every year, when millions of migrant workers return to their home village for the Spring Festival, they form a tidal wave.

2013 will be the Year of Snake, to be precise black water snake. According to the traditional wisdom, there may be danger and uncertainly. So it is time to watch out your pocket, avoiding spending too much and reckless actions. If you are thinking to start-up a company or get married, consider it carefully. If you exercise caution, in the end, things will work out just fine.

More at Zhang Lijia’s weblog.

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