Wendell Minnick
Wendell Minnick

Military analyst Wendell Minnick discusses in Defense News  the emerging US “AirSea Battle doctrine and the so-called Asia Pivot, many in the Asia-Pacific are asking for clarification on a subject that could involve them in an unnecessary war with China.” A review of a paper by Benjamin Schreer, a senior analyst for Defence Strategy at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute.

Wendell Minnick, on Schreer’s paper:

It is not in Australia’s interest to fully embrace the logic behind AirSea Battle or develop specific military capabilities to underpin the concept’s implementation. “Openly signing up for the concept would send a strong political message to China that the ADF [Australian Defence Force] is now actively planning and equipping for a potential war with the PLA [People’s Liberation Army].”

“There is no need to do so,” he said. Australia’s decision to allow US Marines to base in Darwin has already displayed Australia’s political commitment to the Australia, New Zealand, United States Security (ANZUS) alliance.

The development of long-range strike capabilities against China by Australia would be an “unnecessary provocation … let alone a very costly one.”

More in Defense News.

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The China Weekly Hangout

International conflicts are fought also in cyberspace. The China Weekly Hangout on February 28 discussed the questions who is hacking who, after China got again accused of being the center of cyber attacks. Security consultant Mathew Hoover and reporter Charlie Custer of Tech in Asia joined a discussion about the hacking issues, the Sino-US relations, including some useful information on what to worry about and what not. Moderation: Fons Tuinstra of the China Speakers Bureau.

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