Paul French
Paul French

Innovation and brand building are high on China’s official agenda. But without the necessary freedom, creativity might be an illusion, warns author Paul French in the Guardian.

The Guardian:

Skeptics say that Chinese brands like Chery will never surpass foreign rivals unless they can embrace fundamental principles of innovation – open communication, risk-taking – that require more than cash. This extends to creative industries, such as music, film, and fashion. “We get these endless things from the government saying there should be more innovation and brand building,” says Paul French, chief China market strategist at market research firm Mintel. “But there isn’t anything behind it. The problem is that no one really wants to invest in innovative design. It’s very market-led. So if reports come to the stores that red shirts are selling, they’ll tell their in-house designers to design more red shirts. This means the designers don’t get a chance to do anything.”

“I don’t think anyone in government understands creative industries,” French adds. “They spent 60 years driving creativity out of the system. To reintroduce it in 10 minutes is a bit hopeful.”

More in the Guardian.

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