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China is trying to sell its L-15 fighter jet internationally at the Singapore airshow, but mainly competes with Russia, tells Defense analyst Wendell Minnick at CNN. “Minnick says the models on display pale in comparison with those of the U.S.”


China is working hard to sell its aircraft overseas, says Wendell Minnick, Asia bureau chief for Defense News.

“They really want to sell the L-15 — that’s a big deal,” he says. “They’re looking at markets like Africa and South America. These are more affordable platforms that compete with the Russians.”

But Minnick says the models on display pale in comparison with those of the U.S.

“These are very simple platforms, including single engine fighters. They wouldn’t last long against the Americans but they’re not worried about that. You know if they want to go up against the Americans they’ll use their air-to-ground or surface- to-air missiles and knock out one of our fighter jets.”

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