Ben Cavender
Ben Cavender

As their professional life develops, China´s Young Urban Professionals, are looking for food products that make their lives easier, says retail analyst Ben Cavender in the China Daily. Products like Barilla´s Italian pasta´s are one of them, when they play their cards right.

The China Daily:

Easy-to-cook methods will make this Western dish more accessible and better accepted in the market, he said. Chinese consumers, who have very diverse tastes, are ready to put Western food on their tables at home and in restaurants, he said.

Ben Cavender, principal at the China Market Research Group, said the market is progressing to the point where products such as Pasta Pronto will become very attractive to Chinese shoppers.

Because lifestyles are changing and younger consumers are gaining more experience with international cuisine, there is increasing demand for easy-to-prepare foreign food, he said.

White-collar workers are becoming more interested in cooking for themselves, and many do not have parents around to cook for them, so they are looking for easy solutions, said Cavender.

The challenge is that while consumers have more awareness of Italian food, they may not be familiar enough with it to buy with a high degree of frequency, or understand how to choose Barilla over other brands, so there will need to be some product education, he said.

More in the China Daily.

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