Zhang Lijia
Zhang Lijia

Chinese are becoming more adventurous in bed, told author Zhang Lijia Sunday at the Beijing Bookworm, with 71% having premarital sex (compared to 15% in 1989). Zhang Lijia prepares a novel “Lotus”, on prostitution in China, writes the Wall Street Journal.

The Wall Street Journal:

Only several decades ago, “Chinese women gingerly began to unbutton Chairman Mao’s jacket,” Ms. Zhang said, referring to the 1980s, when women started to wear makeup and shorter skirts. “For a long time kissing on a bus was something we only saw in foreign films.”…

Er nai, as modern-day Chinese mistresses are called, are deeply entwined in business practices, Ms. Zhang said, because having multiple mistresses is a sign that a man has the pull to seal a deal. While the anticorruption campaign has affected er nai practices to some extent, moderator David Moser — a long time China watcher — joked that businessmen dumped five of their er nai and kept the rest.

One of the most striking differences between China’s sexual revolution and that of other countries is the rapidness with which women are demanding equality – from rising divorce rates to a growing desire for high-end lingerie.

More in the Wall Street Journal.

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