Zhang Lijia

The BBC reports on a booming, but secretive industry in China: how to get rid of the mistress of your husband. Author Zhang Lijia of Lotus: A Novel on prostitution in China explains why flaws in the current divorce rules cause this weird phenomena.


It’s hard to measure how widespread these dispelling operations have become. In 17 years, Weiqing claims to have carried out more than 100,000. The company is hoping soon to list on the Shanghai stock exchange. Author and social commentator, Zhang Lijia believes the phenomenon can be partly explained by China’s divorce laws. Since 2011, any wealth that a divorcing man can show he has brought with him into a marriage does not have to be shared with his ex-wife. Courts will also grant the man’s family sole custody of the children, especially in rural areas.

“They say that the divorce laws were written to make men laugh and women cry,” Zhang says. “Also, outside of the cities it’s seen as shameful for a woman to divorce.”

Much more at the BBC.

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