Sharon Gai, a China-born Canadian who is an expert in e-commerce, digital transformation, and AI, and worked as head of Global Key Accounts at Alibaba. She explains what lessons she learned about cultural fluidity in business and society to IKNS Conversations That Matter, in places where different cultures meet, and how cultural intelligence can help.Read More →

The China Speakers Bureau is happy to announce Sharon Gai is joining its stable of high-profile speakers. Sharon Gai is based in San Francisco and has worked at top management positions in Alibaba and other e-commerce companies.Read More →

Sharon Gai is the former Head of Global Key Accounts at Alibaba and General Manager at a billion-dollar e-commerce unicorn. Sharon Gai travels from San Franciso, USA Sharon Gai is a China-born Canadian who is an expert in e-commerce, digital transformation, and AI. She is the former Head of GlobalRead More →

Digital transformation is key in the planning of companies, governments, and individuals, as the world is changing beyond recognition. But for the world outside China, it often remains unclear how the most innovative country is going to influence their digital future. Speakers at the China Speakers Bureau can help youRead More →

Innovation and China seem to have been at odds for a long time, at least in the past centuries. But the country known for its copy-cats has made huge strides forward, and innovation has become a key feature in the country´s development. Not surprising, also speakers at the China SpeakersRead More →

China’s position in the world is changing fast, and in e-commerce that change is paramount. Alibaba’s new retail, Tencent’s expanding WeChat and financial services: no day passes by without major developments in this industry. As Artificial Intelligence kicks in, logistics, self-driving cars, and international initiatives become more important at e-commerce.Read More →

Making sense out of China has always been challenging, although the questions companies and people have to ask themselves change permanently. From a rather unregulated booming economy, now dealing we a tsunami of new rules, anti-corruption and a – relatively – slowing economy changes the strategic questions you have toRead More →

The Chinese government tries to shift its economy from investment-driven towards consumption, with considerable success. And the outside world is equally seeing the consumption power of the Chinese, as they travel more than ever, and spend per head more than tourists from any other country.

But tapping into that huge spending power is not always easy, and is driven by the often hard-to-predict habits of Chinese consumers, policies by the government and the powerful social media. Experts at the China Speakers Bureau are happy to give your efforts direction.Read More →