January 31 is going to be a major test for the shadow banking in China, as a 3 billion RMB fund matures, without support of the larger banks. One of the main victims could be China´s SME, who had to turn to shadow banking as officials refused them funding, writes financial specialist Sara Hsu in the South China Morning Post.Read More →

Bitcoin expert and former serial entrepreneur in China Marc van der Chijs gives on his weblog his view on the latest developments of Bitcoin. Unlike the common opinion, Van der Chijs believes China is not trying to ban the bitcoin, but tries to contain the new financial feature.Read More →

Most Western media did not pay attention when China´s central bank entered the interbank market at the last week of 2013. Wrong, says financial analyst Michael Justin Lee in ChinaUSFocus. ” It means China continues to ease on down the road to capitalism. It’s a rocky road but the only road we’d want China to be on”.Read More →

The bears are out in full force again, as the growing burden of governmental debts is possibly pulling the Chinese economy down. Some media even suggested China is heading for its own Lehman debacle. Is that true, of just part of the spinning inevitable before the Third Plenum is gathering in November for its key meeting on China’s reform. Can and will the government bail out the banks and local governments?Read More →

The party is over for Chinese banks, shadow banking expert +Sara Hsu concluded (together with co-author Andrew Collier) at the EastAsiaForum.com. Regulator can no longer turn a blind eye, as loans put local governments and private lenders into trouble.Read More →

Shadow banking covers about 25% of China’s financial industry, and poses a threat to the country’s future. Shadow banking expert Sara Hsu fears that these riskier ways of getting finance, shadow banking might collapse and wipe away the savings of many Chinese, if the government does not step in, she tells at the China Weekly Hangout.Read More →

The central government is actively going after its major state-owned banks for ‘violations’ in its lending policies, indicating concern about the direction of China’s financial system. China is not yet facing a Lehman moment, tells business analyst Shaun Rein the BBC, but action is needed.Read More →

While the world was watching new party leader Xi Jinping taking the stage, real changes are taking place at the lower tiers. Reuters’ Breakingviews columnist Wei Gu describes how the old guard is taking over positions at the financial regulators. Experience wins from reform.Read More →