Image by Fantake via Flickr The main difference between Tunesia, Egypt, Libya on one hand and China? Most Chinese support their government, argues Shaun Rein in CNBC in response to those who predict China might be the next on the block of governments under siege. Shaun Rein: Sure, the systemRead More →

Shaun Rein by Fantake via Flickr Ahead of the opening of the annual meetings of the CPPCC and the National People’s Congress, Shaun Rein gives in CNBC an overview of the current challenges for the country. The mismatch on the labor market, caused by a failing education is key. OtherRead More →

Helen Wang China has no Khadaffi-style ruler, lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty, writes Helen Wang in Forbes. But the increased government control shows its rulers do not think China is immune for a home-made popular uprising. The last few years saw a regression in the government’s openness. SinceRead More →