Profound changes are sometimes illustrated by very small changes, like fake eyelashes, China veteran Bill Dodson discovered in his favorite Starbucks in Suzhou, where his favorite waitress underwent a change, he reports on his weblog.Read More →

Suicide in China has now been linked to the poor working condition at Apple supplier Foxconn. But, as China veteran Bill Dodson discovers at a plant a Suzhou, love might destroy also the lives of young workersRead More →

Getting a cup of Whittards English tea in Suzhou, China, seems like an surprising experience. China veteran Bill Dodson explains on his weblog why foreign products like tea might have a chance in this tea drinking nation.Read More →

Suzhou resident Bill Dodson talks about the executing of his corrupt vice-mayor to Paul French of the Ethical Corporation in a podcast. Local debts are becoming a liability and local officials paying with their lives. A look behind China’s corrupt economy.Read More →

Celebrity author Bill Dodson just discovered by accident that his succesful book China Inside Out has been taken off the shelves of a book store in Suzhou. It might be the start of more, he reports at his weblog. In the end all foreign books might be banned in China. China InsideRead More →

Bill Dodson Explaining China to an outside audience will never be very easy, but most (book) authors fall at least in one of two major pitfalls. First, their writings are often meant to outsmart their fellow China experts, not to inform people. While there is nothing wrong with trying toRead More →