Wendell Minnck via Flickr The surprise move by Taiwan to defer two advanced weapon systems from the US is going to hurt its ties with its American allies, says Wendell Minnick in a comment for Reuters. “It’s going to hurt (Taiwan) in Washington to fight for these systems and thenRead More →

Taiwan via Wikipedia Director General Tsai De-sheng of the Taiwanese National Security Bureau said this week that the number of rockets  pointing at the island from China have risen to 1,400, but defense specialist Wendell Minnick is not convinced by the story, he tells Japanese media. Wendell Minnick, Asia bureau chiefRead More →

Wendell Minnick via Flickr Taiwan’s military are running out of money because of huge outstanding bills for the US and a reduced defense budget, writes Wendell Minnick in Defense News. New procurements might not be possible in the upcoming three years. Wendell Minnick in his weblog: Taiwan is facing moreRead More →

Wendell Minnick is an author, commentator, journalist and speaker who has spent nearly two decades covering military and security issues in Asia. He is an expert on military and security issues in Asia. He travels from Taiwan.
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James Farrer is a leading expert on sexuality in China and Japan. In a dynamic and knowledgeable way he addresses one of the fast-changing sides of China’s dynamic society: its youth culture. He is the director of the Institute of Comparative Culture at Sophia University. He travels from Tokyo.Read More →

CEO Philips China (2002-2008) travels from Taiwan Mr. David Chang was appointed as the CEO of the Dutch electronics giant Philips in China on Jan. 1st 2002. Mr. Chang, born in Taiwan is a graduate of Electronic Engineering from the National Chiao-Tung University in Taiwan.He has been working with PhilipsRead More →