Image via Wikipedia What foreign companies, trying to tap into the China market, regularly forget is that there is no need for their services, tells retail analyst Paul French at Marketplace Public Radio. Home Depot is an example. Paul French responds to Raymond Chou, president of Home Depot China: CHOU: The HomeRead More →

Image by Getty Images via @daylife The Swedish furniture retailer IKEA has become a public attraction comparable to Disneyland in the small number of stores they have in China, writes Shaun Rein on the CNBC website. When you are too popular as a foreign brand, it is not only goodRead More →

Not popular in China via Wikipedia Foreign DIY-stores like B&Q, Home Depot and Saint-Gobain are retreating from China despite the booming economy, and nobody should be surprised, tells Shaun Rein in The Age. DIY does not fit the image people want to have. The Age: “Do-it-yourself is not popular inRead More →

Victor Shih via Flickr China’s commercial banks are stocking up to US$ 60 bn to fuel a next round of investments, tells financial expert professor Victor Shih in BusinessWeek. Earlier professor Shih of the NorthWestern University raised concern on how the country might funds its earlier spending extravaganza, but the recentRead More →