Digital transformation is key in the planning of companies, governments and individuals, as the world is changing beyond recognition. But for the world outside China it often remains unclear how the most innovative country is going to influence their digital future. 

Speakers at the China Speakers Bureau can help you to make sense out of this often disruptive change of the world. Here we bring together a group of leading experts on China and how its digital transformation is going to change the world outside China too.Read More →

The Huffington Post published a “Women to Watch” segment on women in tech, including our cultural sociologist Tricia Wang, currently writing a book on her experience in China. “Everyone knows that you don’t ask someone what their anonymous name is.”Read More →

Author Bill Dodson takes the no.10 subway in Shanghai several times per week and just missed the collision yesterday. An annus horribilis for China’s infrastructure, he sights on his weblog. But taking the bicycle in stead of the train is no longer an option. Read More →

Suzhou resident Bill Dodson talks about the executing of his corrupt vice-mayor to Paul French of the Ethical Corporation in a podcast. Local debts are becoming a liability and local officials paying with their lives. A look behind China’s corrupt economy.Read More →