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The China Speakers Bureau will regularly interview their speakers, organize China-related debates, using Hangouts-on-air from Google+. Here you will see the latest contributions, organized in reversed chronological order. We started the initiative in May 2012, so allow us to get on speed, as we will keep on adding new video’s.

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September 6, 3PM CEST, 9PM Beijing Time, 9AM Eastern: Why are foreigners leaving China?

Panelists: Andrew Hupert and Richard Brubaker. Moderator: Fons Tuinstra.


September 20: Why are Chinese leaving China? Invited panelists: Li Meixian, Richard Brubaker  and Isaac Mao, moderated by Fons Tuinstra.

September 27: Sustainability in China; energy security, with Terry Cooke of the Wilson Center and Richard Brubaker of CEIBS. Moderated by Fons Tuinstra of the China Speakers Bureau.

October 11: Innovation in China. A copy-past country of a promise for the future? Wit Janet Carmosky and Greg Anderson.

October 18: What can Huawei do? David Wolf and Andrew Hupert discuss the possibilities for China’s giant telecom firm after the devastating report bij US Congress.

On November 1 we experimented by dividing up our China Weekly Hangout in three sections of (about) ten minutes each. Subject: The upcoming political transition. Participants: Janet Carmosky and Greg Anderson.

Part one: How has Hu Jintao‘s harmonious society has fared over the past ten years?

Part two: What changes do we expect from the upcoming ten years under Xi Jinping?

Part three: How are the US-China relations developing?

On the agenda for November 8: nuclear power in China. How important is it for energy security and can it pass the important NIMBY protests and their success?


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Ben Cavender on What is going wrong in localization, interviewed by Fons Tuinstra of the China Speakers Bureau.

Ben Cavender is a senior analyst with The China Market Research Group (CMR) focusing on strategic planning and brand positioning

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Our announcement at May 2012

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