Zunaira Munir

Expert on Blue Ocean Strategy
Affiliate member of the Global Blue Ocean Strategy Network


Travels from San Diego, USA

Dr. Zunaira Munir has worked directly under Professors Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne, founders of the Blue Ocean strategy, at INSEAD, France. She was among the first people qualified by the Blue Ocean Strategy Initiative Center in 2006 and has since been involved in various Blue Ocean Strategy projects, initiatives, and research.

She has a PhD in Innovation Management from Wuhan University of Technology, China and has worked with numerous big and small companies worldwide in their pursuit to “make competition irrelevant” and create Blue Oceans of highly profitable growth.

Her China-related topics:

Blue Ocean Strategy : How to make Competition from China Irrelevant
Blue Ocean Strategy has particular relevance to companies/ industries that are faced with onslaught of new low cost competition from China. To continue to have strong profitable growth, Blue Ocean Strategy can show companies how to simultaneously achieve both differentiation and low cost even in higher cost countries, thereby making competition from Chinese competitors irrelevant.

China : From Imitation to Innovation
Where does China stand in terms of Innovation capability? How does the Chinese Government support and facilitate innovation? Is this a threat or an opportunity for the Western Companies? How can Western companies make best use of this opportunity?

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