Johnny L. Chan

Alright, this could have happened everyday. Here in the radio program Marketplace, three of our prominent speakers at The China Speakers Bureau explain US companies what problems they might face when entering the China market.
They disagree profoundly with each other. Shaun Rein of research company CMR explains why companies fail if they do not adapt enough to the local market, like Google McDonalds and Wal-Mart failed to do.
Then Paul French, consultant at Access Asia explains how companies failed because they adjusted themselves a bit too much to the local taste.

The Kit Kat brand of chocolate did a watermelon flavored Kit kat. Chinese people, although they love watermelon, decided that watermelon-flavored chocolate was actually a pretty disgusting, and so they rejected that.

Then there is Johnny Chan of Streetsmart:

But John Chan of China Street Smarts says don’t come too early, either. You might want to let the competition move in first and botch things on their dime.

What is illustrates is that there is not one solution for every company in every industry. All three disagree, but still make sense. You would need a bit more than a few minutes of one-liners by these smart guys. If you are interested in having one, two of all three as a speaker, let me know.

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