Kaiser Kuo

The Beijing Olympics will be the first one facing a full scale web2.0 exposure and Ogilviy’s new media guru Kaiser Kuo looks at his weblog at the dilemma’s:

There’s ample irony, and for some perhaps a certain poetic justice, in this — that the capital city of a country so infamous for censoring the Internet should be the first to host the Games the age of Internet video sharing, citizen journalism, social networking, of microblogging, and the myriad online services and tools that have empowered ordinary people.

Ahead of the Games, the Beijing organizers have banned all not approved publications of Olympic events, but that process might even be harder to manage than stopping the rain, as even the athletes are now reporting from the Olympic grounds.
Brand managers – and here Kuo turns to his day-time job – will equally have a hard time in managing the exposure of their brands.

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