derivative work, center piece by NatImage via Wikipedia In my quest for interesting new angles and possible speakers for the China Speakers Bureau I have started to read a book I received yesterday from the publisher Wiley “China’s Creative Imperative: How Creativity is Transforming Society and Business in China” by Kunal Sinha, working for Ogilvy, a company some of you might hear off.
In terms of topic, it is an excellent choice: the swap China is making from a low-end producing of cheap good to a service-focused, developed economy is really a topic that will keep us busy over the coming years.
Chinese creativity – or in the Western perspective – the lack thereof has always kept me busy, since the Chinese tend to be much more creative and more inclined to out -of-the box thinking compared to many (not all) of the Europeans I know.
Has anybody already read the book? Thoughts about it? Please let me know.

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