Zhang Lijia

When people compare the China Daily of twenty years ago with the Chinese English-language publication of today, they might think that things have improved. They might have, but they are still not well.
Jeremy Goldkorn‘s Danwei points at an article by the Chinese author Zhang Lijia, where she defends the amazing change in China, originally published in The Guardian. (We published about it before here.) Not only has the China Daily republished the article without permission (we call that theft), it has also modified Zhang’s article in a way some Chinese sensitivities on Tibet could be avoided.
The incident illustrates that on crucial moments, these state-owned media cannot be trusted.
More at Danwei.

Both Zhang Lijia and Jeremy Goldkorn a speakers at the China Speakers Bureau. If you are interested in have them as a speaker, do let us know. If you are interested in other authorities speaking on the media in China, do go to our media-page.

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