Shaun Rein

The China Speakers Bureau is only for a bit more than a month online, so getting a top-10 of most-sought-speakers is a bit of a tricky thing. Not all of our speakers have been online for the whole month and still quite a few are still waiting to get on our website. The search engines are still in an early phase of discovering our distinguished speakers.
But fortunately, our number one for August, Shaun Rein, has been leading with such a distance, traffic is clearly pointing in his direction as the still-unchallenged leader.
Not surprisingly, looking as the successful way he has been getting tracking among the traditional media with his strong analysis on the Olympic sponsorship.
Do expect some large changes for September, but for August our top-10 looks like this:

  1. Shaun Rein
  2. Kaiser Kuo
  3. Tom Doctoroff
  4. Zhang Lijia
  5. Warren Liu
  6. Paul French
  7. Sam Flemming
  8. William Bao Bean
  9. Paul Denlinger
  10. William Overholt

Congratulations again for Shaun! If you are interested in the movers and shakers among our speakers, do have a look at our speakers’ corner.

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