Kaiser Kuo

Sobbing Chinese have killed one global misconception about the country, the supposed lack of emotions they display, says Kaiser Kuo in an interview with Reuters.

“Liu Xiang’s coach sobs uncontrollably on television after China’s national hero hobbles out of the hurdles. Spectators weep in the stands.

“Four women rowers collapse in their boat after winning China’s first rowing gold. Overwhelmed by raw emotion, they do not know whether to laugh or cry and end up doing both in spades.
“Chinese shooter Du Li, the weight of a nation on her shoulders, crumbles in tears after failing to win the first gold of the Games with 1.3 billion people willing her on.
At the Olympics, the Chinese certainly are wearing their hearts on their sleeves.
“There has been an image in the West of Chinese sport being a machine bereft of emotion. This has changed all that,” said Kaiser Kuo, a columnist on the Beijinger magazine who has watched the transformation of China’s psyche while the world is watching.”
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